Web Design and Development - BlackMoon Chicago IL

Websites,app development and SEO
8 years of experience

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Web Design and Development - BlackMoon Chicago IL

Websites,app development and SEO
8 years of experience

See my projects

Welcome to the BlackMoon Design & Development

Blackmoon is my personal web studio based in Chicago, IL. I've been developing websites my whole life from simple landing pages to a really hardcore once (social networks,huge corporate websites). If you'd like to schedule an appointment or discuss your web project ,simply give me a call or send me a message.

Web Services

Website Development and more

I love it!

Web Design & Development for Businesses

When it comes to business projects (e-commerce) , you should first think about your goal of having a website in a first place. I can help you turn your business into a profitable marketplace or i can attract clients to your web space (SEO). You can always call me or email me and ask any questions you'd like!

Web Design & Development for Cultural Organizations and Artists

Difference between having a Business or e-commerce website and Cultural or Art Web is representation. Usually some of my clients just want to have a web presence without a lot of traffic, but you design has to be absolutely stunning! I'm always ready to help you with any web ideas that you have or i can share my own with you!

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Online Magazines and News Sites

When you decide to have a Online Magazine or a New website , you should always do some heavy planning, research or even open an account with Paypal if you want to have an Online Payment System. Also note that it takes time to develop a really good Online Store (i will have build a database for your store and etc.). If you want to have an Online store as soon as possible and you don't need a fancy design,then i can offer you some of my "ready to go" solutions.

5 stages of web development

How to get the most out of your web project

Let's get started!

  • Research

    Remember , before i start working on your website i will need to know almost everything about your company! That's why before i even think of design you should have an idea of how it might look like and what kind of functions will it have. Remember to gather all the information and ask yourself some key questions: Why do you need a website? Who might be your target audience, what kind of content would you like to be posted on your website. Get it all together so that i can build you the Amazing and Perfect website.

  • Design

    On this stage i usually gather all the info regarding company audience and ethos. The content of the website should be personalized to who will be reading it,as well as that it should reflect demographic viewing.I will work with you closely throughout the design stage to guide you through my creative vision for your website...

  • Development

    Well, you should know that the design is only the beginning and development is a key to success!That's how your content will be transformed into a living and functioning website. I start developing from a home page and then i'll go through each page. Right after i have it all ready i will check it once again in order to make it function right! In the end of developing stage i will be collaborating with you more closely in order to add some social links and media.

  • in
  • Delivery

    I will test all components for compatibility and i will make sure that it can be fully adaptive. Meaning that everyone should be able to view your content on multiple devices.I will personaly upload your website to my test platform and you will be able to view your brand new website and check that it conforms to your vision in both design and functionality. As soon as you are happy and satisfied,the website will be uploaded to your personal server. And you will have an Amazing website Ready for use!

  • Maintenance

    I understand that building a website is a difficult thing and i know that you might not be familiar with web design and developing. That's why i will provide you with two weeks 24/7 maintenance. The possibilities are endless and this is just the beginning of your online success!

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Magic happens here...

BlackMoon Web Projects

Unique design

During the last 8 years i've been providing services for my clients from all over the World. I speak almost 5 languages and i always work on the project with the same amount of passion ,whatever the budget is... and whoever the client is ! Below you can see websites that i've developed and optimized. Note that some of my clients decided to keep it private so you wont't see their projects below!

BlackMoon Project Design & Development
Real Estate Website (Moscow)
BlackMoon Project Design & Development
SEO : Computer Training NYC
BlackMoon Project Design & Development
Web Design: Meynum Restaurant
BlackMoon Project Design & Development
Restaurant OutBack Florida


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About BlackMoon Design & Development

Passionate about my work

BlackMoon is my personal web development company dedicated to help clients with their requests.I work with my brother and he is as well as i'm dedicated to providing its customers with exceptional website design solutions. We have a passion for designing minimal, elegant and clean websites for customers and we take pride in bringing creative designs to life every time. Your project is only a few clicks away, so why not contact me today and find out about the magic i can create for you?

Except designing and developing websites in English, i'm experienced in designing and developing websites that support Middle Eastern languages, having worked with Dutch,Arabic and Persian (Farsi) speaking clients. For a sharp, professional looking website that delivers hard-hitting news stories in a language of your choice, contact me now.

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